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1. The Club will organise Annual Championships for which trophies are provided.

2. The Championships will consist of a series of races according to the Racing Programme set by the Committee and voted on at the AGM.

3. The best results of each yacht competing in the series shall count towards the championships. The Committee shall determine the number of qualifying races to count, which shall not in any case be more than half those in the programme.

4. Championship races will be open to any registered RCC yacht, but only yachts owned by or in the charge of a paid-up member of the Club will be awarded points to count for the Championships. Where, however, Championship Races are organised by another Organising Authority, competitors shall comply with its Rules and Sailing Instructions.

5. Club Championship Races are for the Wherry Trophy (overall) and the Hiawatha Prize (for boats with a handicap of 15% and higher). Those races eligible for the championship series are highlighted in blue on the programme. All full members may, from time to time, be asked to organise a club race.

6. When events are held jointly with other clubs a designated person should be appointed to ensure that results are compiled and collected for YSC entrants.

7. Race briefing times for the first race of any event will be notified in advance. Additional briefings will be conducted at the discretion of the race officers. Where another club is involved, YSC race organisers will liaise with local officials.

8. Queries regarding the sailing programme or race organisation should be addressed to the Secretary.  



All Open trophies will be awarded at the conclusion of the relevant race(s) except for the Luna Barometer, which will be awarded at the annual dinner and prize-giving. Yachts on a provisional handicap may not be awarded an Open trophy under any circumstances.

All Club trophies will be awarded at the annual dinner and prize-giving. Yachts on a provisional handicap may be awarded Club trophies, including the Club Championship trophies, provided this is solely due to not completing 3 races the previous year; that there are no modifications to the yacht or rig and that the yacht is under the same ownership as the previous season.

The Pakso Platter is an exception to the above. It is a Club trophy which is to be awarded on the day (with a packet of stuffing mix) to the last placed boat to finish in the Turkey Race, regardless of whether that boat is ratified or on a provisional handicap and regardless of whether there is a club member on board or not.

No trophy is to be shared. If there is a tie between two or more yachts, each yacht’s race scores shall be listed in order of best to worst and the tie broken at the first point where there is a difference in favour of the yacht with the best score. Discarded scores are not to be used.

If the tie remains, yachts shall be ranked in order of their scores in the last race. Discards shall be included – in practice this means if a tied yacht did not compete in the last race, they lose. If this does not break the tie, the last but one race is to be used.


Reedham Regatta, Cantley Regatta and the Autumn Regatta are each 3 (or 4) race series, held over a weekend. Generally, each race carries a club trophy (the exception being the Harriet of Reedham Trophy, which is Open) and each weekend series carries an Open trophy for best overall. For this, each yacht will have their worst score discarded, e.g. in a 3 race series, 2 results to count for each yacht. The discard may be a race that was not competed in. It follows that a yacht must do 2 races of 3, or 3 races of 4 to qualify for the overall trophy. The yacht with the lowest total number of points wins.

Breydon Regatta does not follow this pattern and is raced entirely for Open trophies. Specific racing instructions are issued annually for this event.

If one race of the weekend is abandoned or there are no competitors, no yachts will be scored for that race and both or all of the remaining races will count towards the overall trophy. If two or more races are void, the overall trophy will not be awarded.


The club runs three series over the season: the Southern River Racing Open Championship for the Luna Barometer, the Diamond Jubilee Trophy and the Club Championship for the Wherry Trophy and Hiawatha Prize.

1. The Luna Barometer is an Open trophy for a series of six races (listed in the Club handbook) of which the two worst results are to be discarded for each yacht. Our club rules, which state that non-starters will not be scored, take precedence over Appendix A, clause A9 of the ISAF rules. In practice, this means a yacht must compete in a minimum of four races in order to qualify. Discards may be races that were not competed in.

Yachts racing under a provisional handicap, for whatever reason, may not count those results towards the Luna Barometer.

2. The Diamond Jubilee Trophy is a series trophy to be raced for over the season at Reedham Open Regatta, Cantley Open Regatta and the Autumn Open Regatta. A boat’s best six results from all races at the three events will be counted, with the proviso that at least one race from each regatta must be included in these six.

It is an Open Trophy and will be presented each year at the prizegiving of the final event, namely the Autumn Open Regatta. If there are no qualifiers, the trophy will not be presented.

3. The Wherry Trophy is a Club trophy awarded for a series of races over the season, as listed in the handbook. All yachts owned or raced by a club member are eligible. Currently, a yacht must compete in a minimum of six out of twelve races to qualify. If a yacht competes in seven or more races, only their six best scores are to count. Discards may be races that were not competed in, which will not be scored.

The Hiawatha trophy is exactly the same as the Wherry trophy, except that only club yachts on a handicap of 15% or higher are eligible.In the event of one yacht qualifying for both trophies, the Hiawatha Prize shall be awarded to the second placed yacht in that division. If a yacht changes handicap during the season from 15% to 14%, or vice versa, only races completed on the higher handicap are to be counted. For example, if yacht A sailed 5 races on 15% and 3 races on 14% they would not be eligible for this trophy. If yacht B sailed 7 races on 15% and 3 races on 14%, they would be eligible, but only 6 of the 7 races sailed on 15% would be counted.

Yachts racing under a provisional handicap due to alterations to the yacht or rig may not count those results towards either of the Club Championship trophies, even if they are later ratified on that handicap.

If races which are part of the Club Championship series are not raced, either because they are abandoned on the day, or because there are no competitors, no yachts will be scored for those races. If this means no yachts qualify for a given trophy, then the number of races to be counted for that trophy should be reduced until there is a winner. For example, if in the calculations for the Hiawatha Prize, the “slow boat” division needed to be reduced to 5 qualifying races, yacht A in the scenario above would then become eligible. The number of qualifying races for the Hiawatha Prize may be reduced independently from those for the Wherry Trophy.  

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