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  Breydon Open Regatta, 2007

This year’s Breydon Regatta produced plenty of sun and plenty of wind. High tide at Reedham was at 4 o’clock on Saturday afternoon and starts for the passage race were available between 1 and 3pm. With the course starting on Breydon, going up the Yare to a buoy about a mile below Reedham and then back halfway down Breydon before returning to finish at the start line, decisions had to be made about how to handle the tides. About half the fleet opted to start as early as possible in order to sail the whole race on the flood tide and avoid the tack against the ebb on Breydon, but others aimed to be tidally correct at Reedham and left later. The latter proved to be the correct decision, as the wind changed direction during the afternoon to leave Breydon a fast reach in both directions. This particularly favoured Privateer who took first place not only on corrected time, but also elapsed.

Anna retired as they were finding it hard work with only two on board, The Only Girl failed to turn at the top mark and created TOG’s Trench in the bank and Lucky Breeze had various problems with their rig, before admitting defeat after lassoing a post with the topping lift, which fortunately broke before any other damage could occur. Rebecca also had their troubles, having had many aborted attempts to turn at the top mark and then, having decided the only way to turn was by putting in a reef, they lost a man overboard from the foredeck in the process. However, having shortened sail, they did then complete the course.

After a calm dawn on Sunday, the wind freshened up all day and produced a fast reaching course for the two races on Breydon Water. Remarkably, all 13 entrants for the morning race finished. However, attrition took over in the afternoon and only 6 of them completed that race. Wisp decided another race in windy conditions would be too much; Rebecca lost their engine when the hydraulics failed; Privateer and Kingfisher filled up with water, the latter having to be pumped out by the Broads Authority launch; TOG and Lucky Breeze were moored on Breydon and not quite avoided by Farthing, who leant over onto them and bent her gaff. The remaining boats had a fast charge around, the conditions favouring Beth and Dragonfly in particular, who were respectively first and second in both races.

The Fisherman’s Bar made us very welcome and the sunshine made sitting in their garden, gazing over the marshes and enjoying the company a most pleasant experience. The Saturday evening supper was well attended, with 58 people there, some of whom had just come for that. Beth featured heavily in the prize giving and the raffle hamper was won by Jan Farrar. All seemed to agree that it had been an excellent weekend.


Saturday Passage Race - 1. Privateer (Tim Child) 2. Melody (Mark Wells) 3. Beth (Glynn Howarth) 4. Kingfisher (Chris Sales) 5. Henrietta (Pete Charlton) 6. Martlet (Hilary Frantzen) 7. Dragonfly (Chris Dowsett) 8. Wisp (Denis Kilner) 9. Rebecca (Philip Scott) DNF: Anna, Lucky Breeze, The Only Girl

Sunday Morning Race - 1. Beth 2. Dragonfly 3. The Only Girl (Joe Kilner) 4. Melody 5. Kingfisher 6. Henrietta 7. Martlet 8. Privateer 9. Anna (Bob Branscombe) 10. Farthing (Dick Farrar) 11. Rebecca 12. Lucky Breeze (David Walker) 13. Wisp

Sunday Afternoon Race - 1. Beth 2. Dragonfly 3. Anna 4. Henrietta 5. Martlet 6. Melody DNF: Farthing, Kingfisher


Sambrooke Sturgess Trophy (Passage race - corrected time) - 1. Privateer 2. Melody 3. Beth

Greyhound Trophy (Passage race - elapsed time) - 1. Privateer 2. Beth 3. Melody

Snipe Tankard (Sunday morning) - 1. Beth 2. Dragonfly 3. The Only Girl

Berney Arms Cup (Sunday afternoon) - 1. Beth 2. Dragonfly 3. Anna

Breeze Yard of Ale (Sunday overall) - 1. Beth 2. Dragonfly =3. Henrietta =3. Melody

Breydon Tankard (Overall - 15%+) - 1. Kingfisher 2. Martlet 3. The Only Girl

Breydon Barometer (Overall) - 1. Beth 2. Melody 3. Dragonfly

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