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  That sinking feeling ... Cantley Regatta, 2007

Generally sunny, a mixture of wind strengths and a lot of damage. That was Cantley regatta. It all started well with 13 boats setting off for the first race in a good breeze, but before the first mark Privateer was up one bank as her sail had fallen down and Brigand was wedged on the other bank with a broken bobstay and a hole in her side. The damage continued with broken gaff jaws on Modwena (who also suffered a torn mainsail on Sunday afternoon) and then Aelfleda hitting the same submerged piling as Brigand and sustaining a hole just below the waterline. All this however, faded into insignificance when Puck also got impaled on the piling and tore a large hole in her bottom. Fortunately she made it to the far bank before sinking. At this point, quite rightly, the race was abandoned. (Photo courtesy David Stone)

Sunday morning dawned hot and windless. Aelfleda, which had spent the night hauled over to one side to keep the hole out of the water, was repaired with a large copper patch and was back among the 12 starters. The conditions, being a tack in light winds against the tide, were a repeat of the Sunday morning race at Reedham regatta and so was the winner, with Wisp coming home comfortably ahead of Henrietta and Dryad on a course shortened to one lap. Four of the slower boats persevered and finished, but two others retired without managing to cross the start line.

The afternoon was breezier and with a change in wind direction which turned the course into a reaching romp with gybe marks at each end. This suited the smaller boats in the 10 strong fleet with the two Wonderbird class yachts, Kingfisher and Insh’allah, coming home first and second, followed by Dryad. The latter’s consistency gave them first overall, with Henrietta second and Kingfisher and Wisp tying for third place.

By the end of the afternoon, Puck had been raised and taken off for repairs, everyone had enjoyed some good sailing during the weekend and with the now usual efficiency from the race officers and a warm, friendly welcome from the Reedcutter pub, all the ingredients were in place to ensure this was another excellent regatta.


Saturday pm - Wells Tankard - Race abandoned

Sunday am - Langley Wherry Shield - 1. Wisp (Chris Franks) 2. Henrietta (Pete Charlton) 3. Dryad (David Walker) 4. Privateer (Tim Child) 5. Farthing (Mels Farrar) 6. Anna (Bob Branscombe) 7. Insh'allah (Mark Wells) 8. Kingfisher (Chris Sales) 9. Aelfleda (Trevor Potter) 10. Shruff (Louise Bowmaker) DNS: The Only Girl (Joe Kilner) and Nutcracker (Philip Leftley)

Sunday pm - Elfin Trophy - 1. Kingfisher 2. Insh'allah 3. Dryad 4. Anna (Dianne Branscombe) 5. Henrietta 6. Aelfleda 7. Shruff 8. Wisp DISQ: The Only Girl. Retired: Modwena (Mark Cassidy)

Overall - Sun Glory Memorial Trophy - 1. Dryad 2. Henrietta =3. Kingfisher =3. Wisp 5. Insh'allah 6. Anna 7. Aelfleda 8. Shruff

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