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  Second May Cruise, 2007

Not much change from the first cruise really – a merge with the Green Wyverns and inexorably deteriorating weather. Saturday was pleasant for those who missed the lunchtime rain by being inside the Duke’s Head at Somerleyton and it stayed dry for the barbecue at Beccles, but Sunday brought increasing amounts of wind and rain and only two YSC boats, White Rose and Grace, stayed the whole course from Friday night to Monday.

The nominal start at Reedham Ferry was attended by only these two, plus Wisp who were doing the Green Wyvern 60th Commemoration Cruise. An earlyish start was made to Somerleyton, where they were gradually joined by many others. It was a fine sight to see so many yachts sailing up to Beccles in the afternoon; there eventually being 12 GW yachts present, plus three more river cruisers from the YSC and three others.

On Sunday the decision was made to abandon the planned lunchtime at Geldeston, because of the poor forecast and go straight to Oulton Broad. Dryad, Shiwana and Silver Leaf went home instead (perhaps wisely) but the other three made the increasingly wet journey to Oulton with the Wyverns. The night there was somewhat wet and windy (to say the least) but somehow the convivial company made it all worthwhile.

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