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  Some like it hot! Autumn Cruise, 2023

This year, the Autumn cruise was a small affair - but that didn't detract from an excellent weekend. As nominal 'cruise leader', I would encourage members to consider joining one of our social cruises. We accommodate a variety of venues, and there's a common goal of all being there to relax and have fun… so give it a go!

Friday night saw the fleet assemble at Reedham Street. The sensible amongst us had motored there, whilst Flight took the ebb and a brisk SW down the Yare 'at pace' to arrive looking somewhat windswept, rather than elegant…

With two boats hosting two different species of quadruped present, the assembled crews promptly agreed that a 'restorative' in the Nelson PH was needed. Ship's cat Clawdia showed her merit, quickly settling in and ignoring the Ship's dog. A convivial evening followed with 'Flight' hosting 'Marigold' aboard for dinner, during which the entire weekend's stock of red wine was consumed (!).

Saturday morning started with clear skies and a veil of mist on the river's surface; this soon dissipated, leaving clear blue skies and sunshine… was this really the last day of September?

With big tides forecast and a mild case of malaise, both vessels decided to bask at Reedham, before setting out after lunch. Down tide and downwind: ideal conditions for a gentle sail to our overnight stop, Burgh Castle.

'Flight' & 'Marigold' were joined by 'Vixen' at Burgh Castle and, despite a shortage of real Ale, the Fisherman's Bar provided us with a good meal (eaten al fresco) and as ever excellent views towards Reedham. A convivial evening passed, with 'Flight' hosting all present post-dinner.

Sunday's forecast of strong westerlies prevented us from comfortably sailing, so a collective decision was made to exercise our propellers. At times, the gusts were strong enough to warrant lowering the mast and motoring straight to Reedham.

For early Autumn, we were incredibly lucky with the weather - Sunday morning didn't detract from that: how often do you get 20c and sunshine in October??

Our small fleet had an excellent weekend: can I encourage more YSC members to give these informal cruises a try?


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