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  Ray Perryman Memorial Race & BBQ, 2022 New Page 1

For some, the Perryman Race weekend started on the Thursday at Somerleyton, where a barbecue preparation party convened. After gathering their strength over a bankside lunchtime, accompanied by music from the Somerleyton music festival (attended by 600 people, apparently) a small crew set to work boiling several pounds of potatoes and slicing industrial amounts of onions. Later, after their evening meals, a party gathered on Egret to make coleslaw. The Thombletons' carrot slicing machine was a great success, before the ex-chef and the surgeon displayed their respective knife skills on the cabbages.

The race briefing in the morning concentrated more on beer and burgers, but the boating and the bridge got mentioned at the end. As usual, it was a gate start, with competitors being timed in as they crossed the line. Most set off quite promptly, although a couple got temporarily trapped the wrong side of the bridge (despite the closing times being spelt out at the briefing) and were a little later. Meanwhile, Vixen, as usual, refused to leave before they had finished their bucks fizz and Farthing were waiting until no-one was there to watch as their put their entire rig up for the first time that year.

All were under way by 11.15, though and enjoyed a fresh tack to Oulton Dyke, followed by a good run upriver, despite the trees, in a ENE wind. Most recorded very fast elapsed times, with Farthing covering the course in just over an hour and 43 minutes. However, everyone had to wait until after the barbecue to discover who had won.

After a breather for beer and food, the barbecue team swung into action again, lighting the charcoal, frying industrial quantities of onions, slicing bread buns and putting finishing touches to their side dishes before cooking the burgers and jumbo sausages. Marcus's special beans were a huge hit with the diners; a member from BASC had kindly made us cupcakes for dessert and it is safe to say that no-one left hungry.

Once the cooking team had eaten and cleared up, it was time for the prize-giving. Force Four just pipped Anna into third place, with a comfortable margin then to Vixen in second and another couple of minutes separating them from Farthing, who retain the trophy from last year. The Commodore then encouraged people to stay and drink beer, which many did. The YSC are very grateful to BASC for giving us the run of their moorings and clubhouse for this event, as well as the loan of their barbecue.

Sunday was dull, cold and windy, which meant everyone chose to motor back downriver, especially as it was against both wind and tide. Most stopped at Burgh St Peter for lunch before reconvening at Oulton Broad, where the Wyverns celebrated 75 years with a fork buffet at the Commodore.

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