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  Rigging Supper, 2022

Following a number of positive reports about the venue, it was decided to hold this year’s Rigging Supper at the Lord Nelson in Reedham. Accordingly, 27 members and guests gathered to mark the beginning of a new (and hopefully much more normal) season. It certainly felt like old times as the beer was quaffed and conversations struck up.

In the absence of our Secretary, Julia (unfortunately in hospital with two broken legs) an ex-Secretary, John, helpfully volunteered to marshall the food as it emerged from the kitchen: a task which he undertook with great efficiency. In the spirit of the occasion, an ex-Treasurer, Christine, offered to send round the tips jar, just to make it seem even more like old times.

Everyone, without reservation, enjoyed the two course meal and the pub staff could not have been more helpful or accommodating. Some did their best to repay this hospitality by staying late, which could have ended messily when the landlord started offering Sambuca on the house, but fortunately sanity (mostly) prevailed.

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