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  Challenge Cup, 2021

Numbers were down for the Challenge Cup this year, with the crew of one intending attendee having to self-isolate and another with a funeral to attend, so there were just two boats, Anna and Swallowtail, both from CHSC, with this also doubling as a CHSC club race. Swallowtail is not a YSC member so they sailed for CHSC and Anna sailed for YSC.

There was virtually no wind but Anna managed to pull ahead and finished as winners, so YSC retain the trophy.

There was very little to present, as neither of the real trophies made it to the event, but a temporary trophy in the form of an annotated plastic jug was found and this, along with a box of beer was presented to the winner. Dianne, who helmed, accepted these and donated the latter to her crew. Lucky Bob!

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