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  Annual dinner & prize-giving, 2020

53 members and guests assembled at the Royal Norfolk & Suffolk Yacht Club for this year's annual dinner and prize-giving. As is now traditional, the weather was appalling, with Storm Ciara heading our way, bringing heavy rain and very strong winds. After enjoying a pleasant meal, the Commodore stood to speak, roughly as follows:

"Good Evening

I would like to welcome all friends and members.

It is sad to remember the passing of Jacquie Newton, Leonie Dowsett and Linda Perryman.

It was a good year with lots of activity There were very good numbers at Cantley Spring and Autumn Regattas although losing my phone in the river did not help at the Autumn Regatta. Being joined by a large number of EACC members certainly helped. We also had a very good social evening with EACC - the venue being a brewery certainly helped!! Well done Julia and Humpty Dumpty.

Breydon was interesting, with a lot socialising and a little sailing because of the weather. Standing with a drink in one hand and a rope in the other holding down the marquee was certainly different.

Jan and I had an interesting incident when trying to get off the boat.  She got off first and then tried to help me. I slipped and pulled her off the bank and she landed on top of me. She landed softly and I sustained a very sore back - badly bruised!!

We had an excellent youth race. Well done Monty! I've got your joke card in my pocket.

My thanks go to a number of people who keep things running: Julia, Margaret, Adrian, Christine, Neil, John; the committee; Terry, who has kindly agreed to do the raffle, but most of all Jan, who makes sure I do the job properly!

It is with considerable sadness that I have had to sell my share of Modwena but it has gone to Ben Heath who is a very keen Green Wyvern sailor. I am going to be allowed to sail on her, should I feel so motivated but, as Jan says, you now can move around the Broads in comfort - hot water, toilet, shower and of course a bar!

Now for a few jokes:

Most speakers have four speeches:
What they have prepared 
What they actually say
What they wish they had said
What they are quoted as saying

A little boy asked his father how he was born, so the father explained that daddies plant seeds in mummies and then babies grow. The young boy digested this for a moment and then asked, " Was my picture on the packet!

When I had young children I used to tell them a story at bedtime. One night when I had finished my son said, "That was quite good, but not as good as the story you told Mum about working late at the office."

A health fanatic was talking to a group of people:
"I found that the best start to the day is to exercise for a while, take several deep breaths and have a cold shower. Then I feel rosy all over."
At that point there came a request from the back of the room. "Tell us more about Rosie!"

Two Geordies were on the Town Moor during Race week - the third week in June: Big Fair. 
One was carrying a little goldfish in a polythene bag [
hand held up and everyone asked if they can see the goldfish] The other says 'What have you got there then' [pause] (Geordies speak very slowly). [pause] A gold fish. What did you get it for? [pause]; The wife. Why that was a canny swop!

Why do scuba divers fall backwards out of the boat?
Because if they fell forwards they'd still be in the boat.

A sailor once asked me if I knew the difference between port and starboard.
I said, "No I have never drunk starboard."

Thanks everyone.

We need to think about next year - it will be the YSC's 35th anniversary since reformation"

He concluded by toasting The Yare Sailing Club.

Despite urgings from Monty Farrar to speak for exactly 10 minutes and 24 seconds, so that he would win the sweepstake, Will took over 12 minutes to finish. T Riches (either Tim or Tracy - not revealed which) was only 3 seconds out with their guess, so won the money.

The trophies were then handed out, with Dave Radley being awarded the Gordon Winterton Memorial Prize in the photographic competition, Alice Rose winning the Luna Barometer for the Yare Championship and Stella Genesta taking the Hiawatha Prize for the "slow" division of the Club Championship. The Club Championship itself was decided on the last race of the season, the Turkey Race, and Farthing's efforts to compete there were duly rewarded with the Wherry Trophy.

Terry, in his usual unique style, drew the raffle for us, with Ross Radley winning the hamper. Those with enough stamina remained to socialise in the bar afterwards, drifting off to bed after midnight - or, in some cases, battling down the promenade to their hotels in the howling gale.

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