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  Turkey Race, 2019 New Page 1


This year there was more than a turkey at stake, as the club championship remained undecided, with any one of four yachts in the running to take the title.  Two of those boats, Farthing and Alice Rose, turned up to battle it out, along with four other competitors.  The forecast strong gales did not materialise, with barely enough wind to make way up to the start line against the ebb tide.  It was also remarkably warm and with a very high tide, which at least reduced the likelihood of running aground on the shallow shores.

Alice Rose got the best start, with Farthing sporting a tree branch from her bowsprit following up behind, along with the other two boats flying topsails, Pandora III and Corsair.  The smaller gaff rigged yachts, Vixen and Modwena, struggled to get to the line in the light breeze.   The tack against the tide soon started sorting out the order, with Farthing pulling ahead, but Vixen managing to make up ground on both Corsair and Pandora and eventually passing them both before rounding the top mark.

The run back was an all too brief interlude before a tricky rounding of the bottom mark in the trees and another tack against the tide.  Pandora III failed to circumnavigate the buoy, having suffered multiple string malfunctions, but the rest came safely home, led by the eventual winner, Farthing, with Alice Rose second over the line and in the results to take home the ducks.  Vixen pipped Corsair by two seconds to claim third place and the pheasants.

Around forty members and guests enjoyed the usual excellent Christmas meal in the Ferry House afterwards.  Six people had entered the poetry competition, with the winning rhyme causing great amusement when it was read out.  The anonymous author refused to reveal their identity, but suspicion lay heavily on the helm of the non-finishing yacht... Terry called the raffle, in his usual entertaining style, with the hamper going to Chris Dowsett.

Many yachts left after the meal, having evening appointments and/or heading off for the northern rivers. A small hardcore remained and eventually enjoyed the by now almost traditional cheese and biscuits, appreciating the convivial company and rounding off another excellent day.  As for who won the club championship?  Well, watch this space.


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