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  The hot and sunny weekend: May Day Cruise, 2018

The last weekend in April saw cool and cloudy weather, with lots of rain and lots of wind. Having got that out of the way, the weather Gods were kind on the bank holiday weekend and we were treated to uninterupted good weather, with hot sunshine and pleasant sailing breezes. No one could quite believe it.

Boats assembled at Reedham Street on Friday evening, with many enjoying drinks in the Lord Nelson, although a certain lack of coordination meant we seemed to end up going there in shifts.

We were more synchronised in the morning, having all read our tide tables, and set off on the last of the ebb in order to catch the early flood up the Waveney. Along the way, we collected several GWYC yachts, as we were all headed to Burgh St Peter for lunch. The liquid part of this was taken in the sunshine on their terrace, with a large group of us enjoying each others company.

After lunch, a downwind sail to Somerleyton made up for the long tack in the morning. Here, everyone chose to eat on board and some of us ended up in the pub at the same time; although there had been others who had favoured a pre- rather than post-prandial libation.

On Sunday, the fleet made its way back onto the Yare, where a fine upriver sail may have been the best of the weekend. Most stopped at Cantley, although the Commodore made an early breakaway and sailed to Rockland with the Wyverns instead. However, we all reassembled at Surlingam Ferry for the evening, where a 20 strong group meal was enjoyed in the pub.

Rockland was the order of the day for lunch, with Vixen and Corsair showing off their quanting skills in the basin after a slightly slow sail downriver. Jollifications at lunchtime included some parasol manoeuvres to get everyone into the shade and a mini parasol build, using an umbrella, a crutch and a dog lead, specially for Linda.

The fleet dispersed after lunch, still not quite able to believe the good weather and hoping this isn't going to be all we get for summer!

Boats present: Cordon Rouge I, Corsair, Damsel, Koko Peli, Pelican, Retribution, Vixen, Wiggy

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