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  Rigging Supper and quiz, 2018

Over forty members and guests of the Club took over East Hills Bistro at Brundall on Saturday 7 April to celebrate the start of a new season, with the annual rigging supper and quiz. People drifted in from just before 7 o'clock and soon the noise level rose as we all caught up after a two month break from each other. Some boats were not only launched and rigged, but had been wriggled into various secretive corners of the Brundall moorings to bring their owners within walking distance of the venue. Damsel and Vixen got the (virtual) prize for getting the closest.

Promptly at 7:30 Commodore Joe Farrow called for members to be seated and soon we were all tucking into an excellent and generously portioned meal. We even almost went quiet, for a while. As the meal was being eaten, so too was the quiz being studied; this year set by Joe Farrow on a broad-based Norfolk theme, featuring questions on geography, famous people of the county and with a handful of place-name anagrams thrown in for good measure.

Things got noisy again when the results were announced, in reverse order. Somewhat bizarrely, all the teams got prizes, except for the last and first placed ones. Chocolates for most and beer for second place. The northern division (stalwarts of EACC) came in an unusual last place. Clearly they will be asking for their handicap to be reviewed! First place was chosen on an arbitary tie-break, as more than one team had scored 100%. Anthony Knights wanted more bonus points, despite having already won. Terry Secker had the temerity to question the Commodore's marking, but his protest was swiftly disallowed on the grounds that his team had already eaten their prize.

When things calmed down, some people found room for desserts, after which those with cars began to drift away, leaving a hard core of waterbourne members who detained the staff until closing time. All in all, another enjoyable and successful event.

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