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  Autumn Cruise, October 2016

Wriggling in around the quay works, the Yare Sailing Club descended on Reedham Street on Friday evening for the start of the final weekend cruise of the year. A few had early beers in the Nelson, some ate in the Ship: the plan was to all meet for a drink in the Nelson later, but somehow inertia and unbalanced rounds took over and the evening was pleasantly whiled away in the Ship.

An informal race from the top end of the Reedham Ferry moorings to the Beauchamp Arms was held in the morning. Vixen left a little too soon, before the tide had properly turned and then lost the wind in the trees below Cantley. White Rose and Pandora III, starting later, had more tide and more wind (far fewer tacks) through the trees and both beat Vixen, with Pandora coming out the winner. We all met up again at Rockland, where a very pleasant lunchtime was had in the New Inn.

Surlingham Ferry was next on the agenda, where Vixen and White Rose, having had a longer lunchtime than some, met up with Seabird, Wiggy and Misty Morn, along with the horsebox - a last minute stand in for Pelican, whose engine had breathed its last in Reedham on Friday afternoon. John and Rachael also had a change of accomodation, swapping Pandora for the more comfortable motor boat.

The usual convivial meal followed, with some people even managing three courses. They couldn't move, or drink afterwards, but it was all very enjoyable. A late night and a gentle breakfast later and it was time to pile onto Seabird and White Rose for a trip upriver to the Ribs of Beef. Here we were also made welcome and some were observed passing themselves off as children in order to get the meals they wanted from the menu. The bar staff took this in good part, although were perhaps living dangerously when they threatened to remove Denis's beer on account of him being a child!

The rain kindly confined itself to the period while we were indoors and we all returned downriver in the dry, as we had come up in the morning. John and Rachael jumped ship to White Rose so that the latter could be shown Thorpe Green for the first time, but we resisted the temptation to pause for a beer on the way through.

Most stayed over at Surlingham Ferry on Sunday night and another joint meal followed, although this was preceded by a certain amount of loitering, as we waited for other parties to finish eating on the tables we were due to occupy. Eventually the rather good live music ended and people left, somewhat bemused as they went, watching the YSC immediately leap into action to rearrange the furniture.

The fleet dispersed on Monday morning, many leaving early to go to work, or other commitments, having enjoyed a very pleasant weekend.

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