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  May Day Cruise, 2016

The first cruise of the season started at The Reedcutter at Cantley, where on the Friday night several boats gathered: Vixen with Margaret and Denis, Pelican with Chris and Leonie, Seabird with Jean and Terry, Wiggy with Wiggy, Jessie May with Christine and Wally, Retribution with Jan and Tony and the crew of Koko Peli - Linda and Vince. An enjoyable evening was had by all.

On the Saturday morning most boats chose to go straight to Loddon, but Vixen made use of the down tide and fair wind to sail to Reedham, via a jolly upriver towards Langley. Bob, on White Rose, sailed from Surlingham to Reedham on a lovely breeze. There was no tacking involved, but the wind varied from nothing to "Heck, what's my boom doing up there?!"

The two yachts then took advantage of the flood tide to make their way to Loddon. Pandora 3 joined at Loddon (John and Rachael) and they and Jessie May proceeded to bend on their sails.

Joe Farrow joined at Loddon and crewed on White Rose. He organised a group meal where we were joined by Roy Russell for a meal in the Raj. Afterwards, various establishments were visited by members of the group.

Sunday morning's weather was brilliant and White Rose and Vixen hoisted sail and had an informal race to Chet Mouth, which was won by Vixen. After a jolly against the tide, the boats dropped down to Reedham Ferry. They were joined by all but one of the fleet (Koko Peli who sailed straight to Surlingham) and drank the tide away.

Pandora and White Rose sailed the uptide to Surlingham. Vixen returned to Reedham as Margaret was working on Monday! The motor fleet also made their way to Surlingham. We were joined for a pleasant meal by Andy Bale, Chris Wilshire and David Walker. Sonia did us proud, as usual.

After a Sonia breakfast on Monday morning all but White Rose and Wiggy decided to return directly to their moorings, on account of the unfavourable forecast.

It was a very pleasant and successful weekend.


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