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  Commodore's report, AGM, 2014

This year we returned to the New Inn at Rockland for our AGM, where we were made most welcome and enjoyed some good beer and food, as well as the good company. After the usual preliminaries, Commoodore Joe Farrow gave the following summary of the year: New Page 1

"So.  How time flies!  I’m going to try and explain to you all what this year has meant for me, what I’ve enjoyed, and how that correlates back to things I said at February’s dinner. 

Last year, my first formal event was the Turkey Race, which was in many ways a baptism of fire (!) I found myself motoring upriver in the dark, in the flood, quite wondering what on earth I was doing.  This year, hopefully I will be able to set an appropriate course for everyone… (fingers crossed!)

It’s worth mentioning at this point, the remarkable passenger capacity of ‘Pelican’.  If you see the enterprising Mr Dowsett he will provide tickets for next years event…

The Perryman race this year was my first opportunity to compete within the club, I sailed with Kelvin.  It was memorable this year for several reasons: I’m still not sure why I suggested a briefing at 9pm , in a pub…  Thanks to Kelvin for winning the Crystal Ball, meaning this brings an end to it being in our ownership for the last 4 years.  You can race for this at the Downriver Race, 2015. 

Reedham regatta offered an unusual ‘perk’ for Margaret and me this year, we were able to climb up Hardley windmill to get a unique perspective on the racing fleet.  I’d really recommend it for you to try.  Also, I’d like to congratulate Kelvin, this is the 3rd year he’s managed not to finish all the races at Reedham.  I must thank Neil, for throughout the weekend he came to assist when I kept breaking the club boat.  Thanks Neil for your lasting patience. 

Next year, because we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the club, we will not be having a treasure hunt.  I have to thank Kelvin for this, originally it was his idea, I have thoroughly enjoyed setting the questions, although my two lasting lessons are:    1. Don’t set a course which passes three separate pubs!  2.  Thank goodness nobody attempts building their own river cruiser…

For our July regatta, I’d like to thank everyone who stepped up at the last minute.  For various reasons, not everyone who is usually there to help could be, and I know a lot of you went ‘above and beyond’ to ensure the weekend still went ahead.  Thank you.  On a personal note, given the inclement weather on Sunday, it provided me with a ‘first’.  Taking race results home to dry in the oven!

So.  Moving on to Breydon.  This year for a variety of reasons it was quite ‘interesting’.  Unfortunately, the club boat broke again, so thanks again Neil.   (Sorry)  The Yare Sailing Club has officially survived a hurricane though!  Never before have I seen ‘Fair Lady’ lean over so much, or move so fast.  Hopefully, never again! 

The final event for me was our autumn regatta.  For me, this provided a text book example of what I’d said within my speech at February.  It’s how the members of this club share truly remarkable friendships.  This year, for example Dianne was unable to sail with Bob for the last weekend of our club mini-series.  Betty immediately volunteered to sail with him, so he maintained his opportunity to win the Diamond Jubilee Trophy.  I think it’s a really brilliant quality of our club that we do help each other.

The Diamond Jubilee Trophy is a beautiful, unique trophy which was gifted to the club by Pippa Ryan.  We use this as a mini-series, for Reedham and the two Cantley regattas.  I think it’s a really engaging activity within the club, and I’d like to thank those who administer the results throughout the year. 

Finally, I need to thank both Denis and Margaret for being officers of the day for the autumn regatta, I received large amounts of positive feedback from members (and visiting sailors).  The best accolade I can think of is how Helen and Steve Law emailed me, asking for next years dates so they can attend.  We should be proud of this.

The final event I’d like to talk about, is not strictly a YSC event, but it represents something I think is very important for us as an organisation.   The Cecil Howard race this year was run by two of our members, Denis and Margaret.  It experienced a record ‘turn-out’ and was enjoyed by everyone, with very close results.  I think this is essential that the two clubs support each other, and I was very pleased to see it demonstrated so effectively. 

Succinctly, this year for me has been challenging, but enjoyable.  I have to thank all of you, but most importantly, this is the last thing you ever have to listen to me say!"

After the election of the new committee and some discussion on the merits (or otherwise) of holding a regatta at Somerleyton, 40 members enjoyed a meal and a chance to socialise.

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