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  May Day Cruise, 2014

Friday 2nd May. 

White Rose, Pandora 3, Fair lady and Pelican assembled at Reedham Street .

Evening spent supporting local tradespersons, leading to a leisurely start to


I arrived at White Rose in time for splendid breakfast and had pleasure of sailing to Rockland for very pleasant lunchtime.  Group made very welcome while pub prepared for their first birthday party.  Perhaps some continuity at this venue at last. 

Sat pm, fleet sails back on tide to Cantley.  A nice sail interspersed with the treasurer testing her predecessor’s quanting ability !! Pleasant evening at Cantley where the initially booked table for 4 ended up at 10.

 Eventually joined by the commodore (shamed into attending by a barrage of text messages ?? ) and the Duke family.  The crew of Pockets arrived in good form having enjoyed the flesh pots of Norwich and apparently an enormous takeaway. They were still able to ward off dehydration before leaving the pub.


Latish start after another White Rose breakfast waiting for the tide with a GENTLE breeze.  Sail to Brundall Gardens where the fickle wind, raging maritime thirst and lateness combined to persuade the engine into use.  The original plan to go to Thorpe abandoned due to tide height at Thorpe bridge.  Party boat  ( Pelican ) departed for Ribs of Beef with modest contingent on board, augmented by Pockets people picked up at commissioner’s cut  (again off to the flesh pots of the big city.) Fleet joined by Avocet to give us 5 yachts + Pelican for the cruise.

Couple of very good beers at R o B .  Probably would have been more, but company left when big screen showing of Chelsea v Norwich was imminent. It was mooted that we left rather than see grown men cry.

Back at Surlingham Ferry, jolly meal in pub with highlight of birthday cake (Jean’s carrot cake) for Christine’s birthday.


The secretary left at “de tres bonne heure” to catch tide in Yarmouth .  The rest of us  left at a respectable time to sail to Cantley.  By Coldham Hall the reef word had been uttered on White Rose but the alternative proved to be “chug-chug” with coffee, biscuits and calvados for elevenses.  Beats reefing all ends up. Avocet departed at Langley Dyke in order to brave the A14.  The remainder of the fleet returned to Reedham, with Pelican going on to Burgh Castle . A splendid weekend cruise, with thanks to those who organised it and took part in whatever capacity.



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