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  Rigging Supper and Quiz, 2014

30 members met at Rockland New Inn for the rigging supper and, having enjoyed a pre-prandial chat and drink, sat down for an efficiently produced and tasty fish and chip meal.  Teams were also able to test their knowledge of history and geography with a short quiz.  Everybody knew when the Titanic sank and what year the Great Train Robbery was, but are there really people out there who don't know the date of the Great Fire of London?  Apparently so.  Everyone knew Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland, although nobody could spell it and, unsurprisingly, no-one knew the capital of Greenland is Nuuk.

The "Dragonflies," who came out overall winners with 25 out of a possible 30 points, impressed by getting all of the questions on sovereigns correct.  Everyone knew Richard III was killed at Bosworth and that King John is alleged to have lost the Royal treasury in the Wash, but the third longest reigning monarch foxed most, with many going for either Elizabeth the First (who only clocked up 45 years) or our present Queen, who is in fact now the second longest serving.

So, congratulations and gin to the "Dragonflies," and Easter Eggs for the "Top Table" (otherwise known as "Harriet") who came in second with 21 points and to "Last," who were third with 20 points.  There was a tie for fourth place, but I will not name and shame them!

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