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  Commodore's report, AGM 2013

Report given by Jean Vaughan:

"I would like to welcome everyone to the 2013 AGM.

Thanks for giving me the chance to be commodore of the Yare Sailing Club. It was a very interesting year.  Strange, really, we start the official year with the last race of the season, the Turkey Race, and then start the New Year with this year's dinner, presenting the last year's prizes!

Thank you all for supporting the tombola and raffle so much.  They make quite a difference to club funds - this is much appreciated.

We suffered a really long winter this year, which made it hard for everyone to get their boats ready for the season.  The fitting out supper cheered us all up though and was a great success and the May bank holiday weekend was very memorable, with the trip up to Norwich on the good ship Pelican - thanks Chris and Leonie - this made a really good start to the year and the sun shone!

I think the secretary will deal with details of the regattas that followed; suffice it to say we were all very pleased with the turnout of boats taking part.  A few people went reed cutting and exploring the banks as the year progressed, making for some very close results.

Unfortunately, I could not make the Autumn Cantley Regatta,.  I understand I missed a lot of interesting things.  I must just mention the unhappy accident that befell Nick Wiggins.I want to thank Christine Walton especially, who with the help of Vice Commodore Joe Farrow and others, dealt so professionally and capably with the incident.  They were highly praised by the ambulance paramedics when they arrived.  Our best wishes go to Nick for his continuing recovery.

The autumn cruise was a resounding success - much to my relief, as I had been one of the main instigators of the change of venue from Norwich to Oulton Broad.  The sun shone, boats sailed the Cut, the food was good for everyone. Great weekend.

Thanks to Andy Garnham, we now have six and a half qualified first aiders.

I must pay tribute and say many thanks to the flag officers and committee, without whom the club would surely grind to a halt.  Joe, as Vice Commodore, has kept me in tune with everything.  Margaret has been invaluable in reminding me of the things I've been supposed to say or do.  I did come into this a bit cold.

John is a wonderful secretary.  Have we done or should we be doing so-and-so?  Done it! Marvellous.

Bob, our treasurer, what can I say?  As you will see from your agenda, Bob is now stepping down from the post.  He took on the job 7 years ago and sorted everything out.  His meticulous and professional handling of the club funds cannot be faulted.  Thank you, Bob.  As a small token of our gratitude, I would like to present you with something I am pretty sure you will like (whisky) and something out of which to drink it (four crystal tumblers).

That's all from me for now.  Thanks again for everyone's support."

After the conclusion of the AGM, members enjoyed a meal and a ditloids quiz set by Margaret.  Four teams managed to get all 20 questions correct and took part in a sudden death tie break, which was won by Simon Miles of the Three Amigoes (T 3 A) team.

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