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  May Day weekend cruise, 2013

Friday night (3rd May) saw the first “boat” gathering of the season. Pelican, Seabird, Wiggy, Pandora, and White Rose were present. The crews were joined by Gary Symons in the Reedcutter, which ran out of session beer at 9:30pm!! Several GWYC members who are also YSC members joined us for the evening.

Overnight the wind increased and white horses galloped down the river. Would we sail on Saturday?? David & Penny Holmes joined us for the trip upriver, which was under motor. The decision was made to go straight to Surlingham Ferry. Avocet did sail to the Ferry. Later we were joined for a meal by the Wells and Jenners; twenty-seven members sat down for a meal together. The food was excellent, as was the service. There were 25 members of the BBOC having a party meal at the same time. The evening entertainment was supplied by Jon Collerick (a club member) accompanied by his regular percussion of Commodore Jean on everything, Terry & Ros on bodhran, David on base. We had a guest appearance of Chris Dowsett playing the numbers on base. Penny promptly used the chest base to demonstrate the art of pole dancing, then continued by continually rubbing her (and Christine’s birthday girl) balloons on the ceiling!

On Sunday 17 members entered the Pelican’s bill and journeyed to the Ribs in the centre of Norwich. Chris and Leonie were our host and hostess – or driver and drinks server. We were joined at the Ribs by Andy & Sarah, Neil, Pam & Charlotte, Terry’s daughter and Gary. We had a very pleasant time and people could not believe the number of passengers on the boat – more than the river bus had.

The evening was spent at Surlingham Ferry where a merry group had another party meal – joined by Alan and Jacqui.

The Monday lunchtime venue was the newly re-opened Rockland New Inn. White Rose did manage to sail there, and then back afterwards. We had a very pleasant lunchtime and were joined by Dick and Jan. The place was clean and efficient and the beer was crystal clear.

Overall it was an excellent well attended weekend.

Bob Soutar

Boats attending: Avocet, Lazy Breeze, Pandora III, Pelican, Pockets, Retribution, Rosinante, Seabird, White Rose, Wiggy

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