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  Fitting out supper, April, 2013

Well. In the opinion of this VC there is no better way to start the year than by walking into a pub that is literally full to bursting with the YSC. (Modesty comes with the swallowtail flag) On a personal note it was nice to see some relatively new members attending as well as the familiar faces.

It was a cracking way to start the year, Simon and his team at the White Horse in Chedgrave had provided us with a lovely meal, in fact there were several inter-table discussions as to who had ordered the best dish! A quick consensus was reached to the effect that it was all delicious!

Still undecided though was the champion of deserts, chocolate fudge cake versus the Lemon Posset??

Once all had been liberally fed and watered, there was the serious business of the quiz… In hindsight, this quizmaster realises that any questions relating to bridges shouldn’t really be asked on the evening that the Green Books are handed out!! Of note also was the serious nature some tables took on, the high echelons of the RCC were starting a war of the sexes (aided and abetted by that troublemaker Betty Charlton)

Congratulations must go to the Wells family & Marcus who deftly swept up the Celebration chocolates and a free entry to Breydon Regatta 2013. I would also say, that for the entrants who wrote either “My Dad” or “My Mum” as answers I wouldn’t myself have awarded those points…

All too soon really, the tea and coffee appeared and members began to go their separate ways. But, most importantly, we’ve started the season! Here’s hoping the next event (May Day cruise) goes just as well. Hope to see you all afloat.


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