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  Thunderbolts and lightning... Breydon Regatta, 2012

Saturday was a strange day, weather-wise. The fleet set off in sunshine and a reasonable breeze with yachts quickly stretching out across Breydon. Then the rain came and the wind died. Brigand quickly had enough of being becalmed and retired, but then Pandora, right at the back of the fleet started picking up a new breeze and shortly afterwards Anne, right down the other end of Breydon was observed heeling right over and the fleet were off on a good romping reach.

Conditions clearly favoured the second start boats and, to their surprise, Pandora came home clear winners of the race, with only Mischief of the first start making it into the top five.

The afternoon race again started in sunshine, but soon ominous black clouds were building up over the Berney, which turned into quite a dramatic thunderstorm. Concerned, the OOD checked with both safety boats that everything was all right with the racing yachts. The club boat at the western end noted the deteriorating conditions but said that all was in hand. The sea scouts at the eastern end said all was calm with them. Then a minute later the squall hit them. Anne, gybing round the bottom mark was caught completely unawares and broached ever onwards over the mud flats.

Four boats in all were forced into retirement, but the rest persevered through the torrential rain, with Cordon Rouge eventually adding a first to her second from the morning and therefore winning the day.

After the evening meal in the pub, the main attraction was the Olympics on the television and Team GBís six gold medals, but we also enjoyed music from Tony Bryant.

Skippers then had to think a bit in the morning and decide what time to set off in the passage race. Some of the faster yachts seemed to be choosing a time that was much too early for the tide, but maybe they knew something about the forecast that others didnít. Pandora also went as early as possible, with the sole aim of getting round to take the slow boat trophy. This led to the interesting situation of the slowest and fastest boats in the fleet setting off side by side.

It was largely a reaching race, with some fast times being recorded. To add interest, as the tide eased, so did the wind, lessening the disadvantage to those that had set off early. In fact the winner, Anne, had chosen an early time, although Anna and Mischief in 2nd and 3rd places had set off later. Maidie, unsurprisingly, successfully defended the Greyhound Trophy.

Three boats tied on six points for the overall trophy, but when the tie was split, the barometer went to a surprised and delighted Anna. There then followed the traditional huge raffle, with the final prize of the hamper going to Team Pandora.

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