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  Ray Perryman Memorial Race, 2012

You could tell they had moved the bank holiday just by the weather, which was glorious sunshine with a good sailing breeze. From the east too - ideal for a trip to Beccles. Saturday morning did see a few sore heads from those that had over-indulged the night before, but others managed a quick sprint to the pub before the racing began at one o'clock.

As usual for the Ray Perryman, the start was a timed gate just above the swing bridge. This year no-one managed to get trapped the wrong side by a train, with Corsair showing off by crossing the line a mere 14 seconds after the gun. They had a closely fought race with Puck all the way to Beccles, while others, electing to wait a while before starting, had clearer water.

After a heavyish tack up the first few reaches to Oulton Dyke, it was then a free wind romp into Beccles, with very few dead spots along the way. Four boats felt the need to reef, for at least some of the race, and this was reflected in the results. The other five, however, finished within three minutes of each other.

When announcing the results, the Commodore remarked that nine times as many boats had finished this year as opposed to last, when the strong winds saw off all but Puck. That has to be good! Despite sailing into an oak tree (not as forgiving as alder) Chris Sales managed to bring Kingfisher home in first place. Betty had promised the Branscombes that they would be able to beat the smaller-sailed Henrietta this year, but it proved not to be on this occasion, with Henrietta beating Anna by just 15 seconds.

Force Four were delighted with their 5th place, just 28 seconds behind 4th placed May, leading the Wintertons to comment that if they had been concentrating on sailing, rather than the ham sandwiches, they might have done better!

After a few beers at Beccles Sailing Club (who kindly finished the race for us) the fleet moved round to the yacht station for a bit of R&R. Later, everyone (literally) ended up in the India Gate, all on tables booked by Sarah. However, the restaurant couldn't quite cope with the idea of two separate tables for seven, booked at the same time and when the last group turned up there seemed nowhere to sit. Undaunted, Sarah rearranged tables and chairs and sat the Commodorial party down in the middle of the restaurant, masters of all they surveyed! Excellent meal, by the way.

Those lucky few without commitments on Monday went up to Geldeston Lock for Sunday lunch, White Rose towing Corsair, but Bob niftily transferring to Fair Lady when Andy grew concerned about the height (or lack of) under the electric cables. The usual pleasant lunchtime at the Locks ensued, winding down into the evening and a roast lamb dinner courtesy of White Rose.

An excellent weekend - let's hope the next one is even better!

Boats present: Anna, Corsair, Fair Lady, Force Four, Henrietta, Kingfisher, May, Puck, Seabird, Sloopy, White Rose, Wisp

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