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  Ray Perryman Race and late May cruise, 2011

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful young girl who sailed aboard a yacht with a cruel and forbidding skipper. In desperation one night, she crept aboard another vessel. Alas! The skipper was wise to her plans, and she fled leaving only a pair of shoes to identify her…

So began the Perryman Race 2011. Great mystery and intrigue as to the identity of ‘Cinders’ was to prevail over the weekend. Initially however, there was the far more important activity of racing to be getting on with. A strong ebb and equally strong SW breeze meant a number of yachts took the prudent decision to motor to Beccles. Nine registered to start, although only four (Corsair, Modwena, Anna and Puck) crossed the start line.

Those wise few with outboard motors were to have the better day. Initially the fast reaches to the entrance of Oulton Dyke proved exhilarating, although thereafter tacking in overly gusty conditions against the ebb proved too much for many, including ‘Corsair’ who retired hurt in the vicinity of the Waveney River Centre. Full marks for perseverance are awarded to ‘Puck’ who battled on regardless to finish the shortened course at Worlingham Staithe.

Beccles provided moorings for a healthy sized YSC fleet, which included; Lumiere, Sloopy, Lazy Breeze, Pockets, Retribution, Seabird, Wisp, Shruff, White Rose, Corsair, Melody, Force Four, Modwena, and Puck. As an aside, a YSC Flag Officer was found to possess impressive life-saving skills! With just one finishing yacht, the ceremony of presenting the results was startlingly brief! Thereafter there were the usual expeditionary forces up into Beccles for curry and beer.

Sunday dawned with the fleet scattering, the majority heading up to Geldeston. ‘Force Four’ and ‘Melody’ led the charge to the Wherry PH, returning with complimentary reports. The number of YSC craft increased once again, as ‘Farthing’ joined in time for the lunchtime. Later that evening, much to the chagrin of the Landlord, the YSC took full advantage of the Locks and their opening hours (!)

Early starts for some on Monday proved to make best advantage of the conditions with ‘White Rose’, ‘Corsair’, ‘Mimosa’ and ‘Stella Genesta’ sailing from Beccles to Someleyton, where in the last of the Bank Holiday sunshine, the club reviewed the first successful sailing event of 2011.

Joe Farrow

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