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  Rigging Supper, March 2011

41 members enjoyed a very pleasant meal at the White Horse, Chedgrave to celebrate the beginning of the new sailing season. Although billed as a rigging supper, it is doubtful whether any club member with a river cruiser is quite that far advanced. However, Starlight Lady and Retribution did make it by water.

During the meal, Julia handed out a four-round quiz for us to ponder over. This was far-ranging, covering car marques, sweets and famous faces as well as a set of general knowledge questions. Of course, the other challenge was to come up with a team name and these varied from the obvious to the obscure.

Special mention must be made of the Dowsett Two, when most people were in teams of four or more, as they managed a creditable 37 points, despite missing out a round. T,J, T & S came in 7th with 47 points, five behind Rats in the Hold (clearly a sneaky bunch).

Joint 4th, with 63 points apiece were GRPs and We’ll Remember. Dragonfly (nothing to do the the Dowsetts, but the other one) were 3rd with 65, narrowly being pipped by Silver Snipe who had one more point. However, way ahead, on 75 points were 2 Girls and 4 Old Boys – some may think it highly suspicious that this team contained both the President and the Commodore!!

All in all, a very enjoyable evening, ably organised by our lovely secretary.

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