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  Norwich Cruise, October 2010

White Rose, Lazy Breeze and Seabird met up at Cantley on the Friday evening for the start of the final cruise of the year. They were later joined by Wisp, who had sailed up from Reedham in the dark, taking advantage of the easterly breeze.

This favourable wind held for the next day, allowing a pleasant sail to Surlingham Ferry for lunch, where the fleet was augmented by Insh’allah, Melody, The Only Girl and Retribution. Beer and baguettes were enjoyed in the garden, despite the tide encroaching over the bank and lapping around the table legs.

The other pub customers were then treated to the sight of the yachts hoisting sail and setting off for Norwich, where we moored outside the Hotel Nelson. For once the motor division kindly moored under the trees, but Wisp couldn’t resist getting her mast trapped in the branches anyway. At least it provided a bit of entertainment for everyone else.

A few more members arrived by road for the evening, making a good turn out for some convivial wining and dining in the pub.

Sunday was brilliantly sunny all day, but with a fresh easterly blowing, no one ventured to hoist sails, all choosing to motor to the lunchtime venue at Rockland. There did seem to be more than the usual number of rowers to avoid, but it was certainly a pleasant morning to be out on the river.

After another outside lunchtime, the fleet dispersed, having enjoyed a very successful cruise in some lovely weather.

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