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  Ray Perryman Race & Late May Cruise, 2010

This year the Ray Perryman Race managed seven entries, despite the rather gloomy forecast.  It turned out to be a cool grey day, with a brisk and fluky south easterly.  As Somerleyton Swing Bridge was closed until July, proceedings began with dropping masts to motor underneath it and then circling as a group until the start line opened at 10.30.  Henrietta was first across, with everyone else following in an orderly fashion.

Given the wind direction, there was quite a lot of tacking, but the running reaches weren’t too clever at times, with near broaches and potential unexpected gybes on the cards for some.  As always, we seemed to finish at Beccles in the middle of their Optimist race, but were made very welcome in their clubhouse all the same.

Dryad proved to be fastest over the water, overtaking Henrietta, and also fastest on corrected time to take the trophy.  Sparklet, who would undoubtedly have done better in a race with less tacking, came in second, with Puck third.  After the prize-giving, we all moved upriver the short distance to the yacht station where eventually 13 boats assembled.  Some stayed put to barbecue, while others went into town to eat 

In the morning eight boats went up to Geldeston, where an early decision was taken to stay the night.  Puck was among those who chose to return downriver, sailing for some of the time, but eventually attaining North Cove under bare poles, where they declared themselves stormbound for a few hours.  Meanwhile, at the Locks, the garden was braved for lunch, where we were joined by Jackie Jenner and Jan Nudd.

Monday was distinctly wetter and windier than forecast and everyone chose to motor downriver; a number fetching up at Somerleyton for a final lunchtime before going their separate ways.

Race results:  1. Dryad (David M. Walker)  2. Sparklet (Joe Irving)  3. Puck (John Tunwell)  4. Henrietta (Pete Charlton)  5. White Rose (Bob Soutar)  6. Wisp (Denis Kilner)   DNF  Lucky Breeze (David "R" Walker)

Boats present for the weekend: Argentum, Dragonfly, Dryad, Force Four, Henrietta, Lucky Breeze, Melody, Puck, Sandpiper, Seabird, Sloopy, Sparklet, White Rose, Wisp

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