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  Festive hats to the fore! Turkey Race, 2009

Well, weren’t we lucky with the weather? Instead of the forecast rain, we had actual sunshine and a good fresh sailing breeze. An excellent entry of 11 yachts meant three starts, although manoeuvring in the confines above the ferry and below the start was still a little tight at times. Valkyrie seemed to be the only boat to really suffer though, somehow ending up parked bow on to the jetty. During the attempt to get her off, Scott discovered a weakness in the whisker stay which led to a rather bracing swim for him.

The slower boats were set off first, in the hope that everyone would be back in good time to participate in the meal afterwards. This meant that Stella shot off in the lead and was never caught, eventually taking line honours. Things got a little more interesting for the following boats as most seemed to be in the top reach of the course at the same time, but the only other slight incident was when Sparklet got a little greedy trying to luff an inside bend and had to quant themselves off the bank.

Given it was an almost perfect wind for her, not too much surprise that Stella won the turkey. Rebecca and Dryad had to make do with second and third places respectively. 63 members and friends enjoyed the meal in the Ferry afterwards, which was followed (of course) by a bumper raffle. The hamper was won by Arthur Wells, although Harriet tried to lay partial claim to it! A presentation was also made to our Commodore, Joe Kilner, in anticipation of his upcoming special birthday.

We also had two guests, Mark and Richard Harvey from the Yare Valley Sailing Club, who came to watch the race, stayed for the meal and went home clutching two raffle prizes. They both very much enjoyed the day and thank the club for our hospitality towards them. In return they invite any YSC member who may meet the YVSC on the rivers to make themselves known.


1. Stella Genesta  (John Duff)   2. Rebecca  (Philip Scott)   3. Dryad  (David M. Walker)   4. Brigand  (Colin Brown)   5. Golden Moon  (Duncan Ellis)   6. Nutcracker  (Philip Leftley)   7. White Rose  (Mark Wells)   8. Lucky Breeze  (David "Reedham" Walker)   9. Wisp  (Denis Kilner)   10. Sparklet  (Trevor Potter)   DNS Valkyrie  (Scott Bagshaw)

(Apologies for the small number of photographs this time, but Wisp was a bit of a handful and didn't very often allow any spare hands for the camera... If anyone else took any, copies would be appreciated. MK)

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