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  Summer Barbecue, 2008

Despite the good weather, only 19 people made it to the summer barbecue, nine of whom were there from 4.30 to erect the tent and set up everything. These early birds were already well into party mode by the time Turquoise turned up and temporarily set up their own rival gathering. Later the Postwick contingent arrived, complete with American guests, whom we were told were personally responsible for the warm sunny evening. The Dukes also popped in and out at seemingly random intervals.

The Vice Commodore did an excellent job of lighting the barbecue and before long the usual discussions and comparisons of everyone’s food were under way as we all gathered around to cook. Alan did sterling work turning everything and entertaining us with talk of interestingly named barbecue items apparently available from a certain Norfolk butcher.

We made brave inroads into the bar supplies, but eventually the chill set in and the light began to fade. The hardier ones among us returned across the river to Coldham Hall and continued the gathering by sitting in the garden there and winding down over a final drink. Eventually the VC announced that he had had enough to drink (yes, he really did) and retired to bed, which was the signal for the group to finally break up.

In the morning the work party returned to the barbecue site promptly at 9.30, as arranged, only to find that Alan and Jacqui had nearly finished dismantling the tent and tidying everything away. All that was left to do was to discuss the previous evening, agree it was a shame more people didn’t attend, but decide that we had all enjoyed ourselves immensely.

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