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  Reedham Regatta 2008

The weather at Reedham Regatta always seems to be overcast and cool and the Saturday of this one was no exception. The south easterly breeze was an excellent strength for racing in though, meaning that all thirteen entrants completed the course in a reasonable time and without mishap, apart from Wisp's topsail tearing yet again.

Two buoys laid upriver ensured some tacking reaches as the fleet looped round them, even if they did end up both being gybe marks. The circuit also meant a run on port through tacking boats and a number of the faster boats were lapping the slower ones, causing one skipper to remark with some feeling that being caught up in a tacking duel between TOG and Valkyrie was quite an experience.

In the end, Farthing was fastest over the water, completing the course in a shade under an hour and ten minutes, but Dryad was close on her heels, being only five seconds slower to finish. This gave David a comfortable win and the Harriet of Reedham trophy, presented as usual by Harriet herself.

It did at least stay dry, both for the race and the ensuing barbecue, which was held courtesy of David Archer, and with the usual barrel of free beer to accompany it. The Hon. Sec. also ran a treasure hunt, in lieu of the usual raffle, challenging everyone to find the Commodore’s hidden stash of treasure. This was eventually won by the Dowsetts who, according to rumour, apparently found it buried in the grounds of their own house!

Sunday produced blue skies and sunshine, but unfortunately also a gale and once the tide had turned, a lot of white horses on the river. As gusts of up to 54 mph were predicted for the afternoon, the Officer of the Day took the prudent decision to abandon the day’s racing on grounds of safety. The fleet dispersed fairly rapidly after this, as many wished to get to their mooring before the weather worsened. Strange to relate, most of the flag officers of the club were later to be found in the Lord Nelson...


Saturday pm - Harriet of Reedham Trophy

1. Dryad - David Walker  2. Melody - Mark Wells  3. Blue Jacket - Matt Ellis  4. Breeze - Henry Fillery  5. Henrietta - Pete Charlton  6. Anna - Bob Branscombe  7. Anne - Kelvin Halifax  8. Golden Moon - Duncan Ellis  9. Lucky Breeze - (the other) David Walker  10. The Only Girl - Joe Kilner  11. Wisp - Chris Franks  12. Farthing - Mels Farrar  13. Valkyrie - Norman Bagshaw

Sunday am – Serenity Trophy - Not raced

Sunday pm – Silver Cup – Not raced

Overall, best two results from three - Reedham Open Trophy - Not awarded

See here for the EDP report on the regatta

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