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  Turkey Race, 2007

Just as last year, the Turkey Race was run in sunshine and against a strong tide. There the similarities ended, as instead of last year’s flat calm we were treated to a strong and gusty wind, which persuaded most competitors to put in at least two reefs.

With nine entries, the fleet split neatly into three starts, although two of the second start boats got unintentionally caught up among the first start, with nowhere to escape to. However, they both extracted themselves in time for their own start. The third start produced more drama with Aelfleda and Golden Moon coming together to the detriment of the latter’s well coaming. The subsequent need to disentangle themselves from each other meant both were late over the start. Meanwhile, The Only Girl was having what her skipper described as interesting control problems and retired without starting.

Farthing was soon in trouble too, with her jib downhaul parting, which forced her to retire as well. Philosophically, they remarked that at least they got to the pub earlier. The rest of the fleet survived the course, although more than one boat was displaying the top of their keel as the conditions produced some strong gusts. After an initial tricky tack against the tide, much of the rest of the course was a reach up to the Devil's Round House Mill, before a run and a reach back to the finish line at the Ferry. Phil Leftley on Nutcracker proved a delighted winner, with Rebecca and Dryad also in the meat. No-one went away empty handed though, as there were prizes for all in the shape of festively wrapped tins of soup.

Then, of course, there was the raffle. This proved to be a Rebecca benefit with most members of their large crew seeming to win prizes. It was almost inevitable that the hamper should fall to them as well. As usual, there was a good turn out of non-competitors who came to enjoy the meal at the Ferry and the pleasant company. Another successful event to round off the year.

Full results

1. Nutcracker (Phil Leftley) 2. Rebecca (Philip Scott) 3. Dryad (David Walker) 4. White Rose (Mark Wells) 5.Wisp (Chris Franks) 6. Golden Moon (Dave Smith) 7.Aelfleda (Trevor Potter)

Rtd: Farthing (Mels Farrar) DNS: The Only Girl (Joe Kilner)

Photographs can be seen in the Gallery on this site.

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