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  Norwich Regatta - AGM 2007

There were 10 entrants in the latest YSC regatta, each of whom took on the challenge of piloting a virtual America's Cup boat round a rather interesting course. For many, wrestling with the large spinnaker was much easier than working out where they were supposed to be going. It was agreed though that the arrow indicating wind direction, which turned green when you were making optimum speed, would be a useful addition to any regatta. The winner of the champagne, who chose his boat on the grounds that it was flying a YSC burgee (some would say it was Swedish) put in an unbeatable time despite being over at the start and colliding with the other boat. If this is how he wins races, watch out when Corsair is launched. (Image courtesy Mark Wells)

Joe Farrow (left) gets the inside berth at the downwind mark, for a record breaking lap time

Full results: 1. Joe Farrow (5 mins, 44 secs) 2. Arthur Wells (5.56) 3. Mark Wells (6.25) 4. John Tunwell (6.53) 5. Alfie Dion-Wells (7.03) 6. Bob Soutar (7.19) 7. Harriet Wells (7.37) Ret. Basha Dion-Wells, Oscar Knights, Tony Knights (in a fit of pique)

Those who didn't feel up to the stresses of racing were able to take up the challenge of Bob's quiz. 30 Broads place names were hidden behind cryptic clues and this kept many quiet for the remainder of the evening. It was too much for some, but the fastest set of fully correct answers was handed in by the combined Wisp and Puck team, who therefore walked off with the liqueur chocolates.

Elsewhere in the evening, there was the AGM, some first class beer, a good lot of socialising and an excellent meal. The desserts were particularly irresistible, tempting many who thought they were going to be immune. The venue (courtesy of Mark Wells) was noted to be very up-market for the YSC, but was nevertheless approved of. Next stop: the Turkey Race. Hope to see you there.

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