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  Autumn Open, Cantley, 2007

This regatta was rather more incident free than the last one held at Cantley. Saturday afternoon saw a good breeze and 11 yachts competing on a course with the top buoy laid above Langley, necessitating a tack against the tide past the trees there. Opinion was divided as to whether this was a good idea or not, but it was at least more challenging than a two-way reaching course on Cantley Reach. Perhaps predictably, the boats with the taller rigs, Zephyr and Melody, came out best in the conditions.

Sunday, as forecast, had very little breeze and what there was dropped out as the race progressed, meaning that only the faster boats were able to complete the course. Dryad was able to take advantage of some favourable wind shifts and finished comfortably ahead of Wisp and Cuckoo, who crossed the line side by side, just ahead of Melody. After Zephyr had finished, the breeze then died away completely, with the steam from the factory rising vertically, and all the other competitors were forced to retire, being completely unable to make any way against the strong flood tide.

The lack of wind also led to an prompt decision to cancel the afternoon race. However, this was no real hardship as we all enjoyed sitting outside the Reedcutter public house listening to the folk group Jigsaw, whose brand of entertainment added much to the pleasantness of the sunny lunchtime.

And the incidents? Modwena suffered broken gaff jaws. Again. Dryad's furling gear came apart with a resounding crack, after 25 years of loyal service and one boat, which shall remain nameless to protect the guilty, carried away one of the red posts marking Puck's piling. You have been warned...


Saturday pm - Buckenham Trophy: 1. Zephyr (Richie Dugdale) 2. Melody (Mark Wells) 3. Rogue (David Smith) 4. Dryad (David M. Walker) 5. Puck (John Tunwell) 6.Nutcracker (Phil Leftley) 7. Shruff (Louise Bowmaker) 8. Wisp (Chris Franks) 9. Modwena (Mark Cassidy) 10. Golden Moon (Duncan Ellis) Rtd. Lucky Breeze

Sunday am - Commodore's Trophy: 1. Dryad (David M. Walker) 2. Wisp (Chris Franks) 3. Cuckoo (Simon Lampert) 4. Zephyr (Richie Dugdale) 5. Melody (Mark Wells) Rtd: Puck, Shruff, Lucky Breeze, Rogue, Golden Moon

Sunday pm - race cancelled due to lack of wind

Overall - Nelson Trophy: =1. Zephyr =1. Dryad 3. Melody 4. Rogue 5. Wisp 6. Puck 7. Shruff 8. Golden Moon 9. Lucky Breeze 10. Cuckoo 11. Nutcracker 12. Modwena

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