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  Cecil Howard Memorial Race, 2007

Sailed in sunshine and breezy conditions that prompted most boats to reef, the course from Cantley to Coldham Hall, with a loop in Cantley Reach, must have been a fair one as only two minutes covered 2nd to 9th places in the elapsed time results.

1. Starlight Lady 2. Puck 3. Pixie 4. Zephyr 5. Dryad 6. Modwena 7. Amaryllis 8. Brigand 9. Anna 10. Nutcracker 11. Henrietta 12. Shruff 13. Wisp
DNS: Privateer, Moonraker & Inshallah

Starlight Lady therefore take the coveted urns as well as the Puck Trophy for first placed YSC boat. As many people allegedly try to come 2nd in this race, there is now a trophy for doing so, which went to John Tunwell on Puck.

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